The Pension Transfer Trust Plan:
The solution to small business funding

Our pension professionals have designed a "multiple employer" trust plan, similar to those often adopted by large non-profit associations. The plan combines a 501(a) tax-deferred trust coupled with pro rata, new comparability, and safe harbor 401k features.  This unique approach to small business funding unlocks the value stored away in your IRA or 401k, giving you full access to those funds for help financing your business.

With The Pension Transfer Trust Plan in place, we have created a tax solution based on an exemption in ERISA law that allows business owners the opportunity to keep 100% of their retirement savings on a tax-deferred basis, with no early distribution penalties.


By transferring retirement funds from your current custodian (Fidelity, Schwab, Merrill Lynch) to your new trust account, you will be switching investments from mutual funds to what the IRS terms “qualifying employer securities”.

By setting up the trust plan to buy stock in your new business, you are substituting one type of pension investment for another, and thus avoid creating a taxable event. No “distribution” - no taxes due.

Five basic steps to small business funding:

  1. We form a closely-held business corporation in your state.
  2. The corporation adopts the Pension Transfer Trust Plan as its corporate pension plan.
  3. Funds are then transferred from your existing custodian into your new pension plan.
  4. Your pension plan buys stock in your new corporation.
  5. The corporation is now cash rich and debt free.

Pension Transfer Advisors is the only company that can take care of all of these steps for you for one low flat fee and no upfront deposit. 

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