Why choose the PTTP for your 
small business funding needs?

  • Other firms claim to offer “similar” pension transfer services, but after just a few comparisons you will see some major differences.

  • Your primary concern should be to make sure the firm you choose has a qualified plan in place that covers all of the bases required by law.

  • The small business funding plan will need to be in full compliance with all pertinent IRS code sections, ERISA law, and Department of Labor letter rulings.

Here are a number of critical differences in our plan versus others :

  • The PTTP is a tax-qualified plan with a favorable determination letter from the IRS. The PTTP’s principal sponsor and trustee are in place. Our trustee is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. With other plans, you may be both the plan’s sponsor and its trustee. 
  • Being a co-sponsor of the PTTP is easier than being a sponsor of your own individual plan. With the PTTP, we have an ERISA attorney, plan sponsor, trustee, registered investment advisor, custodian, trust banker, and administrative service provider already in place. Great West Retirement Services, a multi-billion dollar provider of retirement services, is the PTTP custodian. You can spend more time running your business and less on managing your pension plan. Once another firm sells and delivers you an individual plan, you are on your own. 

  • Keeping a plan document in compliance with ever changing rules and laws is a lot of work. With the PTTP, you will not have to worry about this. We have an ERISA attorney in place to keep the PTTP in compliance. With an individual plan, who is going to notify you when changes in the law require amending your plan? Who will you pay and how much will you pay to make these amendments? 
  • As a co-sponsor of the PTTP, you and your employees will have access to mutual fund investments offered by Great West Retirement Services and will pay significantly less in investment fees than if you tried to set up participant-directed accounts for a small individual plan.
  • With the PTTP, you have the choice of five optional plan types that best fits you and your new business – from a basic profit sharing plan to a more sophisticated 401(k) plan. 
  • With the PTTP, we have a established relationship with our Trust bank. With an individual plan, you will have to find a bank willing to set up a trust account for you, which is often a difficult thing to do. 
  • There is no maximum amount of stock you can own. With the PTTP, you determine how much stock to sell to your PTTP account – no minimums or maximums. Your PTTP account can own up to 100% of the stock in your new corporation. With other plans, you may not be allowed to own more than 50% of the business. 
  • With the PTTP, we include an initial cash valuation of the stock in your new business in our base fee. In some circumstances, such as using an existing C-corporation, an independent qualified appraisal may be required at an additional cost. 
  • With the PTTP, we have one set fee for a comprehensive turn-key set of services. We provide everything you need to set up your corporation, adopt the replacement plan, assist in the rollover of funds, and capitalize your new business for one flat fee. Other firms offer an “a la carte” fee schedule with a low base (to entice you) and then tend to nickel and dime you to death with additional charges.
  • With the PTTP, you only pay our fee after we take about 30 steps in your behalf, after all our work is done and you receive your funds in your new business bank account. No deposit or prepayment is required.